As this airport is used by many passengers every year and their number increases, the demand for transportation means increases as well. Nowadays, there are many types of transportation there. One thing that must be taken into consideration is that their terms of policy, regulations, as well as rules are not the same, and passengers have to check them in advance to be prepared and know what will be provided. Their working hours differ as well; some of them provide all-day service, some of them work only weekends. If a passenger sees the reviews, rates in advance, they will be ready, and they will not be unsatisfied, as preferences differ. Each passenger should ask the driver the cost of their service, and any other questions if they have one.

Bus Services at LCK

What concerns bus service at LCK, there is a company R Mangan, which operates there and provides their brilliant service, this airport recommends their service. Booking is available at 614-477-0737. However, it is not mandatory.

Taxi Service at LCK

However, many companies provide their service; this airport recommends two of them. Supreme Limousine can be booked at 614-880-9600. For further questions, passengers can visit their website. As for Ringer's Limousine, their service can be booked at 614-496-4360.