U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at LCK

As Rickenbacker International Airport has the title that it is an international one, it operates a customs service, as well as Global Entry. There are no scheduled passenger flights from foreign countries; any passenger can use this airport. However, this airport is famous for its cargo services, passenger number increases every year, and this is why global entry works there. The United States implemented this system recently, and due to this, there are no queues for passengers with this badge, as not many people have this status. However, this is good for passengers as it consumes less time and everyone should use this, it makes flight easier. The passenger who owns this badge can use automatic kiosks that are located in the terminal and cross the border.

A lot of people simply have no information how they can achieve this badge, and some of them think that it is hard, in practice it is, the passenger who wants to achieve this status, has to present a real-ID, which will be checked by a particular machine to analyze the validity of this document. It is not only a document by which it can be achieved, but permanent resident cards will be useful as well. If this machine approves the validity of those documents, these passengers will avoid additional checking.

However, if there is some unusual situation, TSA Agents may ask additional questions, and passengers must get candid with them to solve those problems.

Luggage Claim and Meeting Points at LCK

However, all passengers must take into consideration that all airports are different, and their rules, regulations, terms of policy vary. There might be some items that will be prohibited in one airport and approved in another one, or vice versa. For instance, the weight of baggage differs as well, and passengers have to check it before to avoid additional fees due to this.